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Soundproof Cabins

Soundproof Cabins

We offer a well structured Sound Proof Cabin consisting of world class features. Our Sound Proof Cabins has both outer as well as inner panels made by specially designed. Our Sound Proof Booth also comprises of insulating machines and in-built safety features like infrared sensors and touch sensors.

Our Sound Proof Chamber comes with optional sensors like CO, NOX, Fire Sensors etc for ensuring the security and safety.


  • Outer Panels
    • Fabricated out of 1.6 & 1.2 mm CRCA/GI sheets
  • Inner Panels
    • Made by 0.8 mm & 1 mm Thick GI perforated sheets
  • Insulating Material
    • Rockwool insulation
    • Density: 96 Kg/m3 and 62 Kg/m3
  • Columns & Beams
    • Made by 3 mm Thick MS Sheet
  • Fully Motorized Hi-Speed Rolling Shutters
    • Imported shutters
    • Maximum speed of 3mtrs / sec
    • high quality aluminum sections
    • Stuffed with insulating material and visible area
    • Reduce the noise level by 24 to 25 db
    • Easy to install and maintenance free
  • Inspection Windows
    Made out of 02 Nos, 6 MM Thick Tempered/Toughned Glass sandwiching 12 MM Air Gap.
  • Illumination
    The integrated lights are fitted in the top roof on typical distance so that the operators can get clear visibility. Normal range of the light level is 300 lx to 700 lx